A Book and a Smile

1,000,000 Books for 1,000,000 Kids

As of  January, 2023

I've given more than 30,000 new books to children! 

Thank you for your support!

I need your help! I'm having a 1,000 African American book challenge during the month of February. My mission is to collect new books featuring African American children or written by African Americans.‚Äč

Special Announcements:

I'm a 2022 Gloria Barron Young Heroes  Award!

I was a guest on the Jennifer Hudson Show!

Out of more than 46,000 entries, I am one of 100 winners in the

2022 Nextdoor 100!

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About A Book and a Smile

Khloe Joiner is nine years old.  She started her book project called A Book and a Smile with her own money after meeting Officer Jessica Berry of the Missouri City Police Department. 

Giving Books to Different Organizations

I have given more than 14,000 new books to many different organizations in Missouri City, Houston and across the United States.

Missouri City Police Department

My sister and I love to surprise the Missouri City Police Department with treats. Officer Berry and I have been best friends since I met Officer Berry and started my book project.

Book Parades

It's so much fun to have book parades! I had a big parade at my school, Palmer Elementary, after Disney gave me 1,000 books. I also have book parades and giveaways at my home.

Just Let Me Know

When there is a need for books, just call me and I'll get new books to you.

Books and a Smile For My Birthday!

It was so much fun to have a book giveaway instead of having a birthday party!

The Books Are On The Way!

Time to load up the books and get them to some deserving kids!

A Book and a Smile

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